Daily Grooming Tips for the Yorkie Owner


  1. Choose your grooming products carefully. Never use human shampoo, no matter how well it happens to work for you. It will dry the skin and coat of this dog breed, as it is not formulated with the correct Ph balance. Invest in a quality shampoo, conditioner and leave-in product. A bottle lasts quite a while for a little Yorkie, so you won't need to restock often.


  1. Brush and comb the coat directly before and after a bath. You'll want to do this before baths to catch any tangles before they become wet in the tub at which time they will become more difficult to remove. Combing also separates the hairs for better cleansing.


  1. Be sure to rinse out all shampoo and conditioner. Any leftover shampoo residue will cake up into tiny particles similar to the texture of waxy, wet clay substance. These little chunks will clog skin pores, prevent body oils from being properly distributed on the silky hair and can cause skin irritation. When you think that you have rinsed enough, rinse for a minute longer.


  1. Use a quality canine bath brush which stimulates the skin and is the right texture for a silky haired breed. Any cloth that is even slightly abrasive can irritate the skin, which in turn, affects the coat.


  1. Male Yorkies should be wiped with a canine cleansing wipe, to clean off urine that usually collects onto the coat when they urinate. Doing so right before bedtime and after their last "bathroom" trip of the day generally works best. In this way, your Yorkie will be able to retreat to his sleeping area perfectly clean and fresh.


  1. Take note of any faeces that may have clung to hairs near the anus. For females, bacteria from faeces can travel to the urethral orifice and cause a urinary tract infection. If you do need to wipe the rear end to tidy up your Yorkie after a bowel movement, be sure to wipe outward and not toward the urethral opening.


  1. Each day, use a quality canine facial wipe to wipe around the eyes. If you choose to do this with only a damp washcloth, once the eye area is cleaned, use a 2nd dry cloth to pat this area dry.